1Should I have earthquake insurance if I live in Northern California
If you own your own home, the quick answer is yes. There are many fault lines in Northern California, and your home could be in a high-risk zone. We can help you determine your level of risk based on your location. Even if you don't own your own home, you may consider an earthquake policy
2Should I have a flood insurance if I live in San Francisco Bay Area?
Although flooding is one of the riskiest natural disasters, it is not a high risk in most parts of California. It does however depend on your location. We can help you determine your risk based on your address.
3When should I consider an Umbrella Policy?
An umbrella insurance policy will cover liability claims and lawsuits that exceed the liability limit of regular homeowners and vehicle insurance policies. If the total value of your personal assets exceeds $1 million, or if you engage in activities with high risk of causing injury to others, you should consider an umbrella policy. If you own a home in the San Francisco Bay Area, which has generated a lot of equity, you may want to consider an umbrella policy
4What impact do the recent Northern California fires have on my insurance policies?
In general, the fires causing large insurance claims, have caused many insurance carriers to increase Homeowners Insurance premiums.
5What do you like most about living and working in San Francisco Bay Area?
It is har to beat the proximity to nearly everything. Wine country nearby, Skiing a few hours away, white sandy beaches within an hour, and exciting historic sites and cultural activities in San Francisco
6What is the best coffee shop in Walnut Creek?
That's a tough one. Philz is a strong candidate, but you will find us most often at Pacific Bay Coffee Company, very close to our office
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